Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Little Bit About Me

Hello ladies
My name is Sally (full name Sallyanne Frances Poole- Embarrassing name? I think so) Always a great way to introduce yourself is with your name. I’m a 20 year old beautician, so clearly I like all things girlie. I did my level 2 beauty and level 3 general beauty, It’s not as easy as it first seems, in the first year there were 17 students by the time it got to my level 3 there were only 6 of us left (more one to one training though). I currently run my own beauty salon, Monday- Thursday called Beaute (hence the blog name) and on Fridays and Saturdays I work at another local salon to keep things interesting.
I have a boyfriend called Elliot who I have spent a happy 4 and 1/2 years with (He needed to be mentioned as his name will probably pop up in a few of my blog posts in the future) and a brother and a sister called Simon and Jenny (she will kill me for not just putting Jen)
At the moment I still live with my parents in a country pub called The Tontine Inn, It does have a few perks.
In my spare time like most girls I like socialising shopping and spending some quality time with Ell, I also enjoy the occasional country walk.
Any way enough of me rambling, I look forward to writing up some new blog posts and continuing to read up on other bloggers posts, some favourite of mine are A girl and Her Makeup, buynowbloglater, lionstigersandfashionohmy, dizzybrunette, thebeautyedition and fleurdeforce and many more.
Speak soon
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Me and Ell aged 16 Chavs and Emo fancy dress party
(not our normal attire)

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