Friday, 23 September 2011

I ♥ Shellac

Hello again ladies,
So on Wednesday me and my friend Cassie travelled down to Ellisons Academy based in Coventry to take a course in our shellac and minx training, the journey down was fairly pleasant as we decided we would take the easy route and pay for the toll which ended up us being 40 minutes early for our training (better to be early then late hay!).
Our first course was shellac 9:30am -12:30pm, Our trainer Gemma told us about some science behind shellac and how it works including the science behind taking the shellac off. You see shellac has tiny little pores in it that we can’t see, which allows the acetone to reach deep to the base layer-starting from the bottom spreading underneath the shellac which releases it from the nail plate. This means that when it comes to adding cuticle oil to your cuticles and nails, your nails will still benefit as the cuticle oil (CND solar oil is a good one and it also smells like battenburg, yum) can still penetrate down to your natural nail hydrating them, the oil also helps to keep the shellac flexible allowing the shellac to stay flexible with your natural nail (bonus).-Bit of science for you there.
Shellac is a brilliant product with brilliant technology- It can last up to 14 days on your fingernails and up to a month on your toe nails. It keeps its mirror shine without scuffing or denting. Each layer to your shellac manicure (base, two colour and topcoat) each get dried under a UV lamp allowing you to leave the salon with perfectly dried finger nails (so no awkwardly reaching into your handbag for your car keys and purse, also bonus for the therapist as she/he will not need to retouch your nails again) the basecoat took 10 seconds to dry and the two colour coats and top coat took 2 minutes to dry.  Your therapist should also seal off the free edge of your nail first, before applying to the centre and sides to ensure the shellac does not peel off prematurely, this needs to be done on all four layers (shellac is unlikely to peal of early but anything to help it last longer).
Gemma also informed us that the UV lamp does not harm your skin or nails, The UV bulbs in the lamp only let off UVB rays so you will only damage your skin if your hands or feet are left under the lamp for a ridiculous length of time (burning will occur then, but most salon UV lamps are only programmed to work for up to 3 minutes) but no UVA rays so no horrible premature aging.
When it comes to soaking off your shellac you can either soak it straight into acetone for 10 minutes of use the CND soak off pads provided.
I chose to have the ‘wildfire’ colour.
Hope this post fills you with all the info you need and further questions or anything I may have missed to mention please don’t be afraid to ask.
Speak soon
 Minx and microdermabrasion facial info coming soon.


                                                                     'CND solar oil'

My collection so far

Sealing off the free edge

CND UV lamp (I know it looks like a spaceship)
Add some acetone to the pad, pull over the nail and wrap around and secure with sticky tab
This is how it should look

Shellac and minx used to gether, this photo and nail art was done by cassie- here is a link to her website if you want to contact her to have some shellac and minxing done together (or separatly) vanitychicbeauty


  1. This was really interesting :) great post, looking forward to your microdemrasion post as you've got me interested! X

  2. Thanks hun, yes it will be up mid next week just waiting to get some photos :) x