Monday, 26 September 2011


Minx is a nail foil/overlay. Its well known by celebrities such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and many more. As I am running my own business I need to keep up to date with the current trends so I took part in the Minx training after I had finished my Shellac training in Coventry.

Minx is great for people who like to ‘push the boundaries.’ It has a range of designs which are striking and if you want it for a special occasion you will be spoilt for choice, there will be something out there to match any outfit.

My minx training was 1:30-4:30 with our trainer Carol, who was a lovely helpful lady and easy to strike up an interesting conversation with. She started by telling us the history of Minx and how it was the first ‘nail foil/overlay’ of its kind (and how other brands have tried to copy Minx, but it still remains the bestselling brand- with the best designs in my opinion- and the best results.)

Each lady in the training was allowed to pick her favourite design which she would like to be applied to her finger or toe nails. I chose the ‘Stewart Tartan’ design for my toes, as I’d just had ‘Wildfire’ Shellac done on my finger nails and Minx tends to last longer on the toes.

We each had one practice with a spare Minx design then went straight in for the full set using our chosen design. I did Cassies finger nails in a gold Minx, at first I struggled with cutting the Minx into shape using the scissors we were provided with, so instead I used the cuticle nippers as I felt it gave more accurate cutting.

First we had to prep the nail, so any cuticle work that needed doing was done and the nail was shaped. The Minx sachet was then heated up using the Infra red lamp, you then selected a size to fit the nail, pealed it off the sachet and gently placed it onto the nail pushing it down with an orange wood stick, it was then cut into shape with the cuticle nippers. After giving the Minx time to harden and cool we filed the edge off using a soft file.

Minx application usually takes 30-40 minutes by a professional therapist, at training it took me roughly an hour, I had never used the product before so was a bit fussy with it, once purchased and after some practice (I’m sure my lovely sister won’t mind being my Minxing dummy) I will be fully up and running with it at Beaute.

I don’t own a Minx kit at the moment, simply because I chose to invest in Shellac and I couldn’t afford both but as soon as I receive my wages from my weekend job I will be purchasing the Minx mega kit , I’ll then be able to get some more photos up for you of some Minxing that I’ve done.

Minx does not damage the nail if removed properly. Carol suggested either soaking it off in the bath or reheating the application using an infrared lamp and gently pulling away the Minx from your nail, if you don’t have an infrared lamp handy then a hairdryer will give similar results. If you just try to pull away the Minx application without reheating it it will pull away some of the top layer of your nail with it, Minx is designed to last so the adhesive is strong.

I hope that has given you and insight into Minx and you will all be off out booking in for your treatment, Minx is popular so there is bound to be a salon near you that does it.

Speak soon
Microdermabrasion and Estee Lauder v Illamasqua foundation posts coming soon.

                                                                     My Minxed toes

Stewart tartan


  1. Ah I'm so excited to learn this all tomorrow. Great post, it's really helped me out :) x

  2. I really want to try minx nails, I think they look fab for holidays etc. Great post :) really informative! x

  3. Vicky- you will really enjoy it and good luck :) x

    Corrie- thanks hun, they are also good for like christmas you should deffinatly give it a go x