Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss

So I was out shopping on Saturday morning and I bumped into a friend that works is Boots. She had the most gorgeous shade of lip gloss on and straight away asked her what it was. She directed me straight to the Bourjois smile enhancing gloss colour 05 framboise and of course I purchased it. The gloss cost me £6.99 and the normal price of it is £8.99, so if you are after it then Id purchase it from boots now whilst its on offer :)

Now this gloss comes in two parts; the first part is a Tooth-brightening effect gel that you apply directly on to your teeth, (which has a nice minty taste) and the second part is the colour gloss of your choice (most colours are pinks or nudes) which claims to have white focus pigments to also help enhance the whiteness of your teeth. The gloss doesn’t have a tacky feeling to it so you don’t find your lips sticking together.

Result: An instant tooth brightening effect.

Now the gel is not a formula which you would use to actually whiten your teeth such as whitening toothpastes or professional dental whitening, it is just for use alongside the lip gloss as they complement each other.

Here are some before and after photos I took. I do not use any whitening tooth pastes at the moment, just normal Colgate and I have never had my teeth professionally whitened.

What do you think?
Now I don’t think it makes my teeth look any whiter but I do think it enhances them. So overall I am very pleased with it.

Speak soon

Hair bun and shopping spree post’s coming soon


  1. It looks gorgeous on you! Your teeth are already very white but they look a bit brighter with the gloss :) x

  2. Thanks emma, I am in love with this gloss, yes I think it does just show my teeth up more :)

  3. This looks stunning on you, it really suits your colouring. Needless to say I'm off to Boots tomorrow to pray it suits mine! x

  4. Ooh this looks lovely, love the teeth whitening effect! I may get some! x