Friday, 14 October 2011

How to: Hair Bun

Now throughout the day I always have people asking me how I get my hair into such a perfect bun. So I decided to do a blog post on how it’s done, just in case any of you out there don't know (and also to what the ‘not so secret weapon’ is).

Secret weapon
Firstly go out and buy a Hair Doughnut ring (this is the ‘not so secret weapon’). I purchased mine at Boots here for £4.60, but you can get them for £1 at Primark. Remember to choose the right colour for your hair- Blonde, brown or Black. Red heads go for brown.
Then follow these simple steps to get your perfect hair bun.
1) Put your hair into a ponytail

2) Pull your pony tail through the centre of the doughnut

3) Back comb your hair if your hair is thin or you want a less neat effect. For work or interviews etc leave the hair as it is for a more finished look

4) Pull the hair over the bun to completely cover it and wrap hair around.

5) Pin in to place with hair grips, trying to keep them all hidden.

6) Finally spray to hold in place. For a more ruffled look gently pull bits out.

Tadahhh your easy peasy hair bun.

This process will not work on shorter hair as it won’t pull through or cover the doughnut.
Hope you all have fun with it and let me know how you got on.

Speak soon
Wardrobe and make-up haul post soon. 

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