Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Manchester Purchases

Hello ladies

How was your weekend?? I loved mine...

I went up to Manchester with my friend on Sunday and we stopped at Cheshire oaks on the way and bought a few goodies ...and then we arrived in Manchester and bought some more goodies...YAY! I also managed to get a few bits of Christmas shopping done too. So heres what I bought..

A MAC lip tartan collection- I was so pleased to get this as MAC stopped selling this a year ago as it was a limited edition collection. I was wearing the lipstick Mellow Mood which my mum wanted and obviously because it was limited edition I was afraid I couldn’t get it again and then ‘voila’ Cheshire oaks had it :D

Sleek ‘storm’ pallet- Love these colours and so cheap too :)
Lush goodies- ‘Snow fairy ‘shower gel , only 100g as it was a small treat to myself and the ‘Bubblegum flavour sugar lip scrub’ which was recommended by my friend and after you have scrubbed your lips with it you can lick it off – It was instantly sold, YES! Another flavour had popping candy in it but in my opinion it didn’t smell as tasty.

MAC- ‘All that glitters’ pro pallet refill pan eye shadow and ‘Harmony’ powder blush, which I am using to contour as the colour would be too flat to use over the apples of the cheeks.

Topshop- Gold glitter flats which I LOVEEEEE! They were £20 and there so cute especially for this time of year. Plain black Topshop dress £46, other colours are pretty too, I really want the mustard colour one.

OPI – ‘Kennebunk-port’, A red cherry colour.

Warehouse coat- A camel colour coat with a pretty faux fur leopard print Peter Pan collar and trimming. It was £110, then it said £30 off, but when I got to the till it was 20% off all week so I got it for £64- Bargain. 

I was given a few make-up samples too- Giorgio Armani- Luminous silk foundation #3 which I am liking so far and Fluid Sheer #7 which is used to highlight which I haven’t tried yet. MAC- Prep+Prime fortified skin enhancer colour ‘Adjust’ Which I love on the apples of my cheeks under my foundation.

From River Island I bought two T-shirts for my brother for Christmas.

Hope you like my purchases.

Speak soon

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Saturday, 19 November 2011

My lippy collection

Hello ladies

Sorry for the delay on blog posts, I have been so interested in reading everybody else’s that I let mine slip! Silly Sally!!

Now I admit I know I don’t have the largest lipstick collection out there but I still think the ones I own deserve a little post. Admittedly like most other bloggers, my favourite lippies are Mac. Not just to follow trend but because when you find one you like you end up loving it and wearing it everywhere. I love the Mac packaging and the vanilla smell to the lipsticks is lush. Also Mac has a fab range of colours.

Myth- Satin. Too thick, nice colour but a brush HAS to be used.

Pretty Please- Lustre. A light colour not over pigmented.

Crème D’Nude- Creamsheen- One of my favourite nude colours. But my friend broke it and it looks all messy so I will have to buy a new one! DAMIT!!

Dressmaker- Lustre. Lovely colour, very peachy I think best for summer.

Please Me- Matte. As its matt it can be drying but lovely colour, again best for summer as well pigmented.

Cockney- Lustre. This colour does not last-like most of the Lustre colours which I didn’t know when I bought it. But why make a bright colour that doesn’t last??

Lickable- Creamsheen. Love this colour and lasts well.

Ruby Woo- Matte. As it’s a matt it can be drying but I do love this colour and it lasts well.

Dark Side- Amplified. A colour that I bought when it was in fashion last winter. I have never worn it out but I love it and it’s the lippy that feels the nicest on my lip. Maybe I’ll just wear it around the house when cleaning to get my use out of it.

Mellow Mood- Lustre. Limited edition. Love this colour so pleased I got it in a gift set but a shame I won’t be able to get it again. Always get compliments with this lippy.

Estee Lauder
Pink Ambition 52-Pure colour lasting crème. Love this colour, perhaps better for an older lady but I think it’s a pretty pink.

Collection 2000
Mudslide 7- I wore this out for Halloween and loved it. I’d probably only wear it on Halloween or again when cleaning around the house.  It does need a good few swipes over the lips for a good even colour.

After taking these photos I have realised how uneven my lips are.... oh dear!!!

So that is my small collection but I hope you like it. My favourite is Crème D’ Nude as I have worn it the most and I can wear it day and night. I am most disappointed with Cockney – All dark/Bright colours should last more than 5 minutes.  So what do you think of my collection? And what is your favourite? And are there any you could recommend to me that you like??

Speak soon

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hello ladies

Since I have started reading blogs and watching Vlogs, time and time again a product keeps popping up. It has only been mentioned quickly throughout Vlogs or mentioned quietly on monthly favourites on blogs but the more I saw it the more I was intrigued to try it out...

It’s the L’Occitane Almond shower oil. Now when I first saw a Vlog mentioning it I thought eww... Imagine getting out the shower feeling all slippery and oily ( I know that’s a blonde thinking). After reading more information about the product I now realise it foams up when in contact with water and feels like a thick foamy shower gel.

It states on the bottle that you can use it instead of a shave gel, and of course I gave it a whirl and was thoroughly impressed. The smell is nice and not to over powering like I thought it would have been and my skin comes out feeling fully hydrated. No horrible alligator scales!!

Yes it is a little pricey but I am only using it once a week on a Sunday so I end my week feeling fully pampered.  It comes in at £16 for a 250ml bottle. But there are other shower oils on the market that are more expensive.
Would I buy this again? Yes. But if another shower oil catches my eye them I’m defiantly going to give that a try.

I am currently also trying the L’Occitane Limited Edition Cocoa flower hand cream and going to see how I get along with that and whether I love it as much as I love the almond shower oil.

Have you tried the L’Occitane almond shower oil? Do you think it’s a little pricey?

Speak soon

Sunday, 6 November 2011

My hair care routine.

Hello ladies

Hope your all having a good weekend so far??

I thought I would share my hair care routine with you all. It’s not a rocket science routine, its easy peasy and with no ridiculously priced products (I would love to use ridiculously priced products but my purse is looking a little empty right now.)

Basically I suffer with a super sensitive and dry scalp. My hair type is fine and naturally straight. I am also suffering with dry hair at the moment so I find my scalp really suffers when I use heavy products.

I have finally found a hair care routine that suits my hair type and doesn’t upset my scalp...

I read a few weeks ago about a product on FleurDeForce's blog called Eucerin- Its a scalp treatment shampoo that isn’t heavy yet moisturises my scalp and hair, it doesn’t leave any product build up, keeps my hair shiny and smells nice too. Being a blonde I also find scalp treatment shampoos also tend to make my hair go really yellows but eucerin does not do this to my hair. I bought it from Boots for £8.73

For conditioner I use Aussie miracle moist conditioner. I find if you suffer with dry hair then you can’t miss out on a good hydrating conditioner.  I only use this on the tips of my hair as I find most Aussie products can leave product build up on my scalp. I bought it from boots for £3.99

Then to finish it off twice a week I use moroccanoil. As this is such a popular product on blogs I won’t go into details as I’m sure you already know about it. I only buy the 25ml one for £12 from a local hair salon as the large one is around £30, and I never have enough money at the time to buy that size.

Products that I avoid when I am suffering with a sensitive scalp or which are generally useless:
  • James Brown High Gloss Shampoo and Conditioner-just a useless product. I found that it doesn't make my hair any shinier and doesn’t particularly smell is nice either. I expected more from his products.
  • VO5 Nourish Me Truly Shampoo  and Conditioner– leaves product build up- even if I stand under the shower for ages trying to rinse it out. It makes my hair go greasy really quickly too.
  • Most Aussie Shampoos leave product build up causing my scalp to be super itchy.
  • Neutrogena T Gel Shampoo -I find this shampoo smells horrible and other people notice the smell to and it makes my hair go a funny colour.
  • Original Source Shampoo & Conditioner Pear Avocado Moisturising Damage- This was the ‘source’ of my problems. It gave me product build up, it made my scalp itchy, my hair went greasy quickly after using it and it made my scalp super dry and tight giving my constant headaches which resulted in me visiting the doctors. This product is just too harsh.

To keep my hair in the best condition I try to keep using heat appliances to a minimum- So only straightening and curling my hair if I’m off on a night out or a posh meal the rest of the time I just don’t bother.

Hope this helps you all. Let me know any products that you have tried and like :)
Speak soon

Theses products may be perfectly fine for your scalp and hair, I personally can not get on with them and it is my own opinion I am not telling you not to go out and buy them, it is just information on what they are like for me.