Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hello ladies

Since I have started reading blogs and watching Vlogs, time and time again a product keeps popping up. It has only been mentioned quickly throughout Vlogs or mentioned quietly on monthly favourites on blogs but the more I saw it the more I was intrigued to try it out...

It’s the L’Occitane Almond shower oil. Now when I first saw a Vlog mentioning it I thought eww... Imagine getting out the shower feeling all slippery and oily ( I know that’s a blonde thinking). After reading more information about the product I now realise it foams up when in contact with water and feels like a thick foamy shower gel.

It states on the bottle that you can use it instead of a shave gel, and of course I gave it a whirl and was thoroughly impressed. The smell is nice and not to over powering like I thought it would have been and my skin comes out feeling fully hydrated. No horrible alligator scales!!

Yes it is a little pricey but I am only using it once a week on a Sunday so I end my week feeling fully pampered.  It comes in at £16 for a 250ml bottle. But there are other shower oils on the market that are more expensive.
Would I buy this again? Yes. But if another shower oil catches my eye them I’m defiantly going to give that a try.

I am currently also trying the L’Occitane Limited Edition Cocoa flower hand cream and going to see how I get along with that and whether I love it as much as I love the almond shower oil.

Have you tried the L’Occitane almond shower oil? Do you think it’s a little pricey?

Speak soon

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