Saturday, 19 November 2011

My lippy collection

Hello ladies

Sorry for the delay on blog posts, I have been so interested in reading everybody else’s that I let mine slip! Silly Sally!!

Now I admit I know I don’t have the largest lipstick collection out there but I still think the ones I own deserve a little post. Admittedly like most other bloggers, my favourite lippies are Mac. Not just to follow trend but because when you find one you like you end up loving it and wearing it everywhere. I love the Mac packaging and the vanilla smell to the lipsticks is lush. Also Mac has a fab range of colours.

Myth- Satin. Too thick, nice colour but a brush HAS to be used.

Pretty Please- Lustre. A light colour not over pigmented.

Crème D’Nude- Creamsheen- One of my favourite nude colours. But my friend broke it and it looks all messy so I will have to buy a new one! DAMIT!!

Dressmaker- Lustre. Lovely colour, very peachy I think best for summer.

Please Me- Matte. As its matt it can be drying but lovely colour, again best for summer as well pigmented.

Cockney- Lustre. This colour does not last-like most of the Lustre colours which I didn’t know when I bought it. But why make a bright colour that doesn’t last??

Lickable- Creamsheen. Love this colour and lasts well.

Ruby Woo- Matte. As it’s a matt it can be drying but I do love this colour and it lasts well.

Dark Side- Amplified. A colour that I bought when it was in fashion last winter. I have never worn it out but I love it and it’s the lippy that feels the nicest on my lip. Maybe I’ll just wear it around the house when cleaning to get my use out of it.

Mellow Mood- Lustre. Limited edition. Love this colour so pleased I got it in a gift set but a shame I won’t be able to get it again. Always get compliments with this lippy.

Estee Lauder
Pink Ambition 52-Pure colour lasting crème. Love this colour, perhaps better for an older lady but I think it’s a pretty pink.

Collection 2000
Mudslide 7- I wore this out for Halloween and loved it. I’d probably only wear it on Halloween or again when cleaning around the house.  It does need a good few swipes over the lips for a good even colour.

After taking these photos I have realised how uneven my lips are.... oh dear!!!

So that is my small collection but I hope you like it. My favourite is Crème D’ Nude as I have worn it the most and I can wear it day and night. I am most disappointed with Cockney – All dark/Bright colours should last more than 5 minutes.  So what do you think of my collection? And what is your favourite? And are there any you could recommend to me that you like??

Speak soon


  1. great colours LOVE the last one!

    great blog hun:)
    now following you - check out mine

  2. Thanks hun, Its a great colour and the cheapest too :)! will have a looky now :D x

  3. Great post Sal :)

    I bought Cockney after seeing it on the MAC website where it looked pink? Was surprised when it turned out to be red but it's a nice colour. x

  4. Thanks hun. It is a lovely colour I just wish it would last longer :(. xx

  5. Pretty lipsticks, I love creme d nude too! I think you'd like hue :) x

  6. Thanks corrie :)! I really will go and buy hue soon I know I wont be able to resist for much longer!!

  7. thankyou :)! yes it is a gorgeous colour!! :) xx