Monday, 16 January 2012

What I got for Christmas♥

Hello ladies

So it seems like Christmas and New Year was an age away. So now everything has all calmed down I thought I would let you know what I got for Christmas.

For my families and Ells pressies I made some personalised sacks. I bought 5 potato sacks offline, cut the initials of everyone’s name and spray painted it on the front, then bought some Christmas ribbon to tie on the top. Here is what Ells and Jens looked like:
Sadly I completely forgot and was in a huge excitement that I forgot to take photos of all the others but I think they turned out really well and only cost me roughly £15 altogether.

From ‘My Boy’ Elliot
So we had a little deal to only spend £50 on each other. It is both our 21st this year so thought we would save money on Christmas pressies and go all out on birthday ones J.
Ell bought me a Dark navy Hollister gilet. It fits perfectly and has shape to it so I don’t just look like a big puffa ball.

From ‘My Sister’ Jen
I got a Topshop Tee with a large black cross on it, which I love, it can be worn casual or for a meal out for that ‘rocky’ look.  I also got a pretty jumper from warehouse, which I wear all the time and goes well under my new gilet, and finally a cute bubble bath cup cake which had a little snowman popping out of the top. I loved this and will be including it in my bath products post soon.

From ‘My Parents’
A TRIP TO GO SEE LION KING IN LONDON yayyyyy, with a night stay over and shopping on the Sunday. They bought it for me and my sister and we go on the 28th Jan. I am so bloody excited!!!

From ‘My Brother’ Si
A £50 Topshop voucher which I have already spent on a PU (faux leather) jacket and I love it!
So that’s what I got, and I am hugely grateful to everyone who bought me presents , Did you guys all have a lovely Christmas?

Speak soon


  1. You got some lovely things!
    Laur x

  2. Those sacks are lovely!
    Sarah xx

  3. Them sacks are so cool and I love that jumper whenever I go out I can't find jumpers I like so I end up freezing lol. Me and my bf had a limit but he went over his by a lot and I got an I pad off him. I was so shocked! (I was jumping round screaming like a mad woman) thank you for following and leaving a comment.

    1. Aww thankyou! its good to have a limit but hard to stick to :)

  4. Gorgeous blog post dear, I adore your blog so much! Looks like you had a fab Christmas. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm following you back now! xoxo, Veena
    Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole

  5. I'd love to see the Lion King - you lucky girlie!! Definitely hit Camden on your shopping trip!

    I've got tickets to see Derren Brown - can't wait, I bloody love him! 

    1. OO okay I will thanks for the tip! aww that will be good :D x

  6. Great presents! I love the idea of the potato sacks as well :p