Monday, 9 January 2012

Winter wonderland skin care.

Hello ladies,

Sorry for completely neglecting my blog , I have been so busy that I have not had a minute to myself.
It has again come to the end of another action packed year. Did you all have a nice Christmas?? Mine was pretty quiet, spent with family and then a dash to derby to visit the boyfriend’s family and then back again for the new year where I had a few too many vodka, lime and sodas. Opps!

My new year’s resolutions were to:
Re paint my bathroom
Light more candles
Clear my jewellery, cloths and make-up draws out and sell any unwanted items :)

Started to light candles, so far so good. 

Already started on the bathroom and under coated it.

Anyway on with the post- Winter wonderlands skincare.

 Sorry about the crappy soap and glory tub, I have defiantly got my use out of it. 

I think even us beauticians and beauty bloggers forget to look after our skins as well as we should!! Tut tut!! But I have been very good this winter and here are a few things I have been doing to attempt to keep my skin looking good.
Exfoliate scrub exfoliate!!!  We all struggle with a bit of dry flaky skin this time of year so I went out and bought myself some good Exfoliator. My favourite is ‘soap and glories flake away’. It exfoliates really well and is packed full of oils so leaves your skin feeling hydrated.
Good shower gel. Steer clear of drying shower gels- I like to use ‘L’Occitane’s almond shower oil’. Hydrating and it smells sooo goooddd. Both me and my friend Kate have come to the conclusion that even though ‘Lush snow fairy shower gel’ Smells...Well ....’lush’ it’s  just too drying for the skin so I just stick to this every now and then.
MOISTURISE. It’s just good sense really. The constant temperature change of the cold outside and the super drying central heating inside is sometimes just too much for the skin. I like to use ‘soap and glory ‘The Righteous Butter’ for my body. For my face I like the 'Liz Earle skin repair normal/combination'. For my hands I like ‘L’Occitane’s hand cream' and 'Arbonne FC5 nourishing hand moisturiser'. 
I can sometimes forget about my lips. I like to keep a lip balm in my hand bag, on my bathroom sink, on my bedside table...the list can go on. No one wants dry, chapped un-kissable lips during the party season. I like to use Blistex lip tint. Avoid Vaseline...Why may you ask? because petroleum jelly is a product that the skin can get used to, So as soon as you miss to put some on your lips- they instantly miss it and become super dry and chapped. Your lips rely on this product too much so its terrible for your lips if you accidently loose it. 
My hair also suffers a lot in winter months and due to cutting back on things I couldn't afford to repurchase my Moroccan oil, so purchased the V05 one which is terrible; My hair feels squeaky and no more hydrated after using it.

Hopefully next time it won’t take me as long to get another post up.  I have a few bath bombs that I am trying out so will let you know how I get along with them and maybe do a very late post on what I got for Christmas :)

Speak soon


  1. Really great post, and you mentioned some great products! I had no idea about Vaseline being so bad, I'm definitely switching to other products. x

  2. Thankyou. Yes vaseline is not a great product but so little people know this yet they do notice that you have to keep applying it! xx

  3. great tips, thank you! Some products i must try out here. I love the liz earle moisteriser x

  4. Aww thankyou. The liz earle moisturiser is lovely and smells good too :) x

  5. Coming to visit you! (and following too!)
    I love to read about skin care. I rarely use Vaseline on my lips becoz it tends to give a slight petroleum scent. I do keep the Rosy lips on my office desk becoz I love the scent though :P