Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Skin Care Wishlist♥

Here are a few things of what I would like to make my skin look near perfection, with a few make-up pieces to enhance:

What do you think? What are your wish lists?

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Hello ladies

I decided to have my lashes tinted, and as I am a beauty therapist  I have professional lash tint to hand but you can go to your local beauty salon to get this done.

Having your lashes tinted is not a replacement for mascara and it does not thicken or lengthen your lashes in anyway. It’s good to have done before holiday or if you are having the 5-6week long eyelash extensions (so that you can’t tell the difference between your natural lashes and the false ones.) I am having ‘nouveau express lashes’ done in a few weeks to try them out as I have never had them done before.

Tinting Procedure:
Your therapist will smooth petroleum jelly around your eyes, this is to stop the tint from tinting your skin (no one wants panda eyes for 2 or 3 days) then she will place two cotton pads or paper like pads under your lashes with your eyes closed and begin gently painting on the tint. You must keep your eyes closed for 10-15 minutes. If you are claustrophobic I wouldn’t get this done as there is a huge urge to open your eyes during the treatment, especially if your therapist is clattering around you.
Then she will remove the tint from your lashes using damp cotton wool. Then voila your lashes are beautifully tinted :)

After looking at these photos I know I need to re invest in some Origins Gin zing eye cream. 

This will last for roughly 6 weeks, If you are a keen swimmer and go often then the tint won’t last as long because the chlorine strips it.

Have you ever had your lashes tinted? What do you think??

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

Hello ladies

It’s all over YouTube but as I don’t have a channel I thought I would do it as a little blog post :)
It’s the seven deadly sins of beauty.
GREED - What is your most inexpensive beauty product? What is your most expensive? 

Inexpensive- Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. £4.19

Expensive-Urban Decay Naked Pallets 1 and 2. £36

WRATH - What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What has been hardest to find?
 MAC harmony blush - I wear this everyday because I can’t find a contour colour that suits me really well, so I make do. Sometimes this product looks beautiful other times it’s too dark even when I try blend out and only add a tiny amount. And no product that I have wanted has been hard to find. 

GLUTTONY - What are your most delicious beauty products? 
Hmmm this is a difficult one, MAC or Estee Lauder lipsticks I think.

SLOTH - What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness? 
Primer!!!! I really want to buy the new Benefit one so maybe when I buy that I will use it every day. Maybe. 

PRIDE - What beauty product gives you more confidence? 
Mascara - Any type. I have really small eyes so it just brings them out a touch more. 

LUST - What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? 
Hands (HA) Dirty, grubby, grimy hands are a no no and long over manicured nails are also vile on a man (That’s in my humble opinion)so a man should have nice clean manly looking hands. 

ENVY - What item would you most like to receive as a gift? 
This is easy - Perfume. Or I would love ‘Clarisonic Mia’ but I would never expect someone to buy it for me so I will just have to save up myself. 

So thats my Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty :)
What are yours?

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O.P.I eBay sale

O.P.I polishes for sale on eBay
Stranger tides- Pirates of the Caribbean 
Scull and glossbones- Pirates of the Caribbean
Lucerne tainly look marvelous

Take a look if you are interested :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Hello ladies

Origins Super Spot Remover.
I'm not going to go into huge detail with this product as I’m sure you’ve all heard about it. But I would like to say ‘it works’. With using this product my blemishes tend to take about 2 or 3 days to disappear, not as quickly as others have said, but I have noticed a big difference compared to using other spot treatments.

 Size compared to Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 

Is it worth the price? That’s up to you.  It’s not for everyone depending on your budget. Let’s be honest £12 for a 10ml bottle is a lot of money but if you can afford it then try it.

Will I repurchase? YES.

That is all

Speak soon