Thursday, 22 March 2012

Long Time No See.

Hello Ladies

As you can see I have been away for some time so I do apologise. I have missed blogging very much, I have just been crazily busy.

Firstly valentine’s day, which I thoroughly enjoyed, Ell took me out for a delicious 5 course meal with added cocktails :D and I bought him a men’s leather Pandora bracelet (I refuse to let him have any charms, that was the deal when I handed it over).

On February 26th it was Elliots 21st birthday, so I decided to organise him a surprise party for on the 25th. Now people this isn’t as easy as it may seem, don’t get me wrong not telling Ell was quite fun and it was great because no one had told him so he was completely shocked (not sure if he trusts me now though!! I joke I joke) But the hardest part was trying to get everyone’s addresses and inviting everyone who Ell would want there without forgetting anyone. There’s also the added stress of hoping everyone turns up but then that’s with every party. I had been organising it since the end of December but couldn’t tell you guys in case Ell happened to stumble on to my blog and find out.  I sent off for invites on vista print, which were fab, they had lots of funny little photos of Ell on them and they came to around £50 including fast postage. The party was a huge success and every one enjoyed the night, admittedly the wine went straight to my head, I blame this due to stress. For his present I bought him this watch which he loves and wears every day. Money well spent in my opinion as I know he will love it for years to come.
Me and Ell
I have also been to three other 21st parties. One on the 10th March, where me, Ell, Lydia (the birthday girl) and Steve travelled to Manchester for a night out and shopping in the Trafford centre, it was lovely weekend and she really enjoyed her night. This is the balloon I bought her...
Which was amazing!!  Just under a meter square wide when not blown up. She loved it. From this web site.

The other two parties were both on 17th March. One of them was my dear friend Caras, who thoroughly enjoyed her night and she looked lovely. At the party she has a sweet cart filled with lots of yummy treats for people to go and help themselves to. Great idea.
Me and Cara
Me and Kel

Kate, Kel, Cara, Cass and Me
 And the other party was for an old school friend, which consisted of Ell jumping around with all his friends on the dance floor to a great local band. So all in all a hectic but great night.

One of my best friends also had a little baby girl on 21st of February and named her Isla Grace. She is beautiful. 

Work has been so busy which is great but it has started to quieten off now which gives me time for some blogging. Woopie.
For this post I thought I would do a catch up on things which I have bought over the past few months....

First up Jemma Kid light as air number 02 light- now if you’re really pale get number 01 because after a while this foundation goes a little orangy so next time I’m 100% going to get 01. Love this foundation though, its staying power is amazing, it stays on my dry and oily patches without caking and gives a nice dewy finish.

Nars Sheer glow in Fiji -Now there’s a story with this. This was bought for using over fake tan so I didn’t have a white face, I wanted a darker colour to my normal skin tone, and wanted the sheer glow because it has no SPF in it, which is perfect for nights out. The lady on the counter swatched them on my hand and face so we could chose a colour to suit, however, when she went to pick up the foundation we had chosen she picked up a lighter colour, I commented on this but she said that she hadn’t used any darker colours, but to me it still looked lighter than the one she had swatched, however she is the expert so I went along with it. When I got home it matched my natural skin colour and not my tan colour. This really annoyed me because I paid £29.50 for something I didn’t want as I already have my day time un tanned foundation. After trying this foundation on my natural skin colour (as I thought I may as well use it)...I hated it. I think I will be passing this on to a friend as I know she will use and love it. It left me Very Very annoyed. I think if I had of had the tanned colour I would have continue using it as I only would have used it on nights out or special occasions for a few hours when I had a spray tan on but it does not last on my skin for a whole day and gives me a chalky powdered finish.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation colour 075 Golden – Now this is perfect for when I have a spray tan. The colour matches so well, it has no SPF in it and it does not cake, so perfect for my girly nights out. And it only costs £12.50.

Mac Hue Lipstick – I did it...I finally bought Hue. Its one which I have wanted for a while but have just been putting it off, but I took the plunge and I’m so happy that I did.

No7 nail polishes colours Minty Fresh and Cheeky Chops – Just using up my £5 off No7 vouchers so I decided to go for two bright polishes only costing me £2 each. Love them.

Urban Decay naked 2 pallet – I was always going to buy the pallet but I was just waiting for it to come out. I Love it but wish I would experiment with more of the colours.

Nars Laguna bronzer – I can see what the hype is about but I am going to wait for more summery months to use it, I’ll just stick to my blushes for now as I am very very pale.

Daniel Sandler Water colour crème-rouge blusher in Soft Peach- Love this, it is such a beautiful colour. It saved me so much hassle at work the other week, my eyes would not stop watering and this just didn’t budge, so I didn’t end up with the drastic tear lines through my blush. I do admit that I don’t go for this enough as it does take longer to apply than powders and I’m always in a rush.

L’Oreal false lash telescopic – I just needed new mascara and as I read Anna’s Blog and she loves the waterproof version of this but unfortunately they didn’t have it in stock so I went for the other one as I really needed it, and I am really liking it.

Mac eye pencil in Coffee – I wanted this after seeing it in Tanya Burrs’ February favourites video and everything she has recommended in the past I have loved so I thought why not? And she was right it is a dream to work with it applies so easily with no pressure or much effort and washes off when I want it to as well.

And finally
Real techniques brushes, the Stippling Brush and Blush Brush – Love these brushes, they are so soft, easy to work with, easy to clean and don’t swallow up all your product. One day I would love to own the whole collection but money is a bit tight after all of these 21st parties so I will have to wait.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much with this long post and catch up, I’m planning on doing one on a nail polish collection as I have over 50 so hopefully I will be back and blogging soon. 

Lots of Love