This Page will be full of photos I have taken to do with my posts, These are not up on my main blog page as I don't want to overload it with to many pictures
Me sipping my cocktail

Mine and Kels cocktails :) 

This was just Kels make-up for the weekend :L

On a sad note Oliver (the German Shepard aged 16) and Micky (the Jack Russell aged 15) our family pets were both put down this week due to old age and being poorly. I felt I needed to add a photo of them as the were amazing animals and gave our family lots of love and joy so the deserve a note from me. xxx

Yes I beat Elliot, Unfortunately when the guy typed in my name he put 'Sammy' instead of 'Sally' and I was to embarrassed to correct him as he had already started the game. Doh!!!

Mine and Ells feet.

Pumpkin nails

Witches hat

Halloween nailes


'Boo' babes- Chihuahua cross with pug 'Chug'. Love her.  
Emilys Barbie shellac and glitz nails
 My try at Tanya Burrs 'naked pallet' video using other colours from the pallet.
Little Meg (visited Elliots sisters this weekend and they have the best puppies in the world! I actually miss them).

Little Jasmine.


Sleepy girls♥.

Had a Game of darts and I actually won. Never won a sports game before (victory dance). 

Nice dinner and tea out with friends, I loved the china so much I took a photo.

 Sisters glitzy and Shellac nails.
My glitzy and Shellac nail.s

hot pop pink shellac

Thought I would be really cool and show you the temperature in october

My sisters nails 'Kelly Rowland' style
 Tophand: cocoa and hot pop pink shellac,
 Bottom hand: cocoa and tropix shellac.
I had already ordered my Shellac Asphalt but after seeing kates Shellac post I couldn't wait for my order to arrive


 Acrylic overlay with Shellac colour
 Acrylic overlay with colour and jem

Halloween nails